Monday, July 6, 2015

Social Media Poetry Goes Mainstream

The popularity of social media poetry continues to build quickly due to the raw edgy poetic art that comes out of it! This is some great poetry being made by groups of expressive, artistic people. Nothing like this has hit the poetry scene in a long time! POETRY IS BACK ON THE MAP!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Multi-Poet Live Social Cyber Poetry

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Crowd Poetry is the big new viral in thing! A social group created poem gets shared because there are a lot of participates who wish it to be known among their friends that they participated. This means SEO valuable and backlinks...TRAFFIC!

If you want to impress your fan base with something unique that will get them more unified as a crowd poetry cannot be beat!

But social media crowd poetry creating sounds simpler than it is to pull off! You need a social media poem making strategy.

Do not be alarmed if your social media family does not get it right on their first group participation poetry try. Multi-poet poem writing takes practice! The normal social media comment ranting has to be kept to a minimum or your poem building session will loose focus and your live poem will lack structure.

When you are ready to give social media poetry a try it is best to post a pre-poem building session announcement. Tell your followers what you are planning and set a firm date and time for the upcoming poem collaboration.

Simply send your social followers to our group poem building guidelines so they are better prepared and more knowledgeable about what a social media group poem is as well as know their role and how they are expected to participate. Running a group poem creating party is fun and will result in some surprises!

Expect the poetry writing is not easy...but even the disastrous poetic failures are always GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP FUN!

Cyber Poetry Goes Viral Quickly

It is great to build a large social media group of followers but is your group of social media fans the real deal? Do your social conversations usually turn into a wild free for all? Social Media Poetry takes discipline, patience, tolerance and thought...!

Yes a social media poem is special, unique, wonderful...but most online social media groups cannot really collaborate at the level required to create worthy poetry. Want to find out if the sum of your social followers is worth more or less than their individual parts? Challenge your fans to make a poem together! You can even charge them to participate and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Know that your groups first collaborative poetry attempt will probably be quite humorous! But if you can embarrass them into trying to make another poem and another poem eventually they may just surprise you and themselves!

CYBER SOCIAL POETRY HINT: The group will have to act civil to one another. Or your comments will turn into a shouting match fast! Send them to this page for guidance so everyone knows what is expected:
What is a social media poem?

Poets Working Together to Create Better Poems

Many feel mankind's poets are some of our best thinkers and influencers! So what could be better than a group of poets bonding over a worthy poem creating project?

Well the problem is, can poets get over their egos and be real team players? Well...that is the FUN OF IT ALL!

*Believe me it is very difficult to get many social media folks to cooperate, coordinate, bond and collaborate with each other sanely, long enough to put a coherent readable and understandable poem together. But it is FUN to try!

Want to give it a go with your following? Here's some guidance and tips.

The SMP Social Media POEM Craze is Growing Fast

Do you wish to write a poem with your social media friends? Do you think your social followers and fan base is up to the challenge?

Write a group poem commenter adds a line after the next commenter!

This is earthly wide, globally created LIVE POETRY of the highest level!

It sounds easy poets...but it is tough, stuff!

SOCIAL MEDIA POETRY TIP - Most social media groups cannot handle creating a social poem!

Click here to find out more: WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA POEM