Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cyber Poetry Goes Viral Quickly

It is great to build a large social media group of followers but is your group of social media fans the real deal? Do your social conversations usually turn into a wild free for all? Social Media Poetry takes discipline, patience, tolerance and thought...!

Yes a social media poem is special, unique, wonderful...but most online social media groups cannot really collaborate at the level required to create worthy poetry. Want to find out if the sum of your social followers is worth more or less than their individual parts? Challenge your fans to make a poem together! You can even charge them to participate and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

Know that your groups first collaborative poetry attempt will probably be quite humorous! But if you can embarrass them into trying to make another poem and another poem eventually they may just surprise you and themselves!

CYBER SOCIAL POETRY HINT: The group will have to act civil to one another. Or your comments will turn into a shouting match fast! Send them to this page for guidance so everyone knows what is expected:
What is a social media poem?

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