What is a SMP Social Media Poem

Welcome to a new collaborative poetry genre...SOCIAL MEDIA POETRY (SMP)!

Here is where new cyber poets make and discuss true, live, globally created, social media poetry!

Yes, poems with audience participation! SMPs SOCIAL MEDIA POEMS are live poems hosted on social media platforms and created together by social media members. Poems that commenters help to build!

It is a new exciting genre of cyber poetry...

Yes, you are invited to join in too!

We can't do it without you!

A Social Media Poem, SMP is started by a Social Media Poet Laureate, SMPL as a social media discussion post on any social cyber platform.

Commenters add new lines of poetry instead of comments and thus each post commenter continues elongating the poem.

But, new commenters, SMPCs (social media poet contributors) are not banned from adding just comments to the post conversation. Still, one's comments are expected to add value to the creation of the poem.

Ideally commenters are asked to try to also add a valuable, new poetic stanza or at least a new poem phrase or line...not just poem critique! Thus the poem stays alive and keeps growing!

Social Media being what it is...spam and inappropriate comments are not meant to be edited out by the SMPL (Poem Parent Laureate). Thus it is the skill of the audience which decides the life and value of the poem! Plus we want to hear the thoughts behind the SMPCs (poets) moves.

So that SMPCs (contributing poets) and SMPFs (Social Media Poetry Fans) can view and enjoy the best ongoing versions of their actual, live growing poems uninterrupted by comment noise; comments not adding value to the actual poem needs to periodically be censored or edited out just leaving poem. Eventually the next section of the best poem verse gets re-posted by their SMPL in a comment all in CAPITAL LETTERS. Once this happens that portion of the poem is finalized and cannot be changed all new comments go to further the poems journey and creating new stanzas! So you can always read the updated poem in it's entirety start to finish by skimming to and just reading the capitalized comments...they are the poem!

The SMPL as SMP parent naturally has final say over the poetic censoring proofing and polishing of each section of poem before it is capitalized.

Under no circumstances can a capitalized section be revised then re-posted because that will disrupt the readability of the poem as well as obviously disqualify the SMP from any possible true SMP Awards.

Realize that Social Media Poems are meant to be collaborative efforts so a lot of the charm comes from the multi-diversity of contributions which does not always lend itself to easy poetic merging...thus the fun and challenge to the brave SMPCs and SMPLs!

Please remember that on social media sites each social platform has their own rules and regulations usually forbidding re-publishing their member's comments in other places online and offline so follow all copyright laws or do not try to republish a (SMP) Social Media Poem without proper permission!

For practice purposes we have set up this blog which is full of CBPs ,collaborative Blogged poetry starts. CBPs should not be confused with SMPs due to the easier format and less rules to adhere to. (CBPs) Collaborative Blogged Poems do not need to follow and social sites' law books and thus are quite a lot easier for new collaborating cyber poets to learn with. Just know that officially CBPs do not qualify as Social Media Poetry and will not be eligable for SMP awards and recognition because they are create on a blog not a social site.

But we believe they are just as fun and meaningful to their poetic creators and poem contributors.

Enjoy first global collaborative poet geniuses!

Yes, this is one of the most challenging poetic endeavors you will every under take. It looks much easier that it is! Which is exactly why we created this SMP site...to help you out with SMP creating tips!

Your first SMP attempts will probably be frustrating...this is normal and to be expected. Nothing worthwhile is easy!

Remember, you will need to teach your social viewers and audiences more about SMPs or you'll create chaos instead of a poem!

To help with instructing your social participants, simply point your fans to this blog site with a link at the beginning of your social post; otherwise it will take you too much time and text to leave your own instruction every time you wish to start a new social media Poem.

*SMP TIP - Social Media Poems do not have to rhyme but when SMPLs start their social media poems by setting up a simple rhyming poetic structure it makes it much easier for new SMPC to participate and add to the poem!

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