Sunday, July 5, 2015

Multi-Poet Live Social Cyber Poetry

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Crowd Poetry is the big new viral in thing! A social group created poem gets shared because there are a lot of participates who wish it to be known among their friends that they participated. This means SEO valuable and backlinks...TRAFFIC!

If you want to impress your fan base with something unique that will get them more unified as a crowd poetry cannot be beat!

But social media crowd poetry creating sounds simpler than it is to pull off! You need a social media poem making strategy.

Do not be alarmed if your social media family does not get it right on their first group participation poetry try. Multi-poet poem writing takes practice! The normal social media comment ranting has to be kept to a minimum or your poem building session will loose focus and your live poem will lack structure.

When you are ready to give social media poetry a try it is best to post a pre-poem building session announcement. Tell your followers what you are planning and set a firm date and time for the upcoming poem collaboration.

Simply send your social followers to our group poem building guidelines so they are better prepared and more knowledgeable about what a social media group poem is as well as know their role and how they are expected to participate. Running a group poem creating party is fun and will result in some surprises!

Expect the poetry writing is not easy...but even the disastrous poetic failures are always GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP FUN!

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