Social Poem Creation Guide


Rules and Regulations of Social Media Poetry and Online Group Poem Building Guidelines:

1.       There are no official rules for Social Media Poetry except that you and your contributing poet members have to follow all the rules and regulations of the social media platform upon where your group poem project is being hosted.

SOCIAL POEM TIP: Choose your social media site wisely. Base your poem staging decision according to the functions available on the social site, plus take into account the social site’s membership regulations and rules. The social site you choose to create your group poem on will greatly affect the type of social poem that can be created there.

2.       All social media poem guidelines are preset for each social group poem building project by the SMPL, Social Media Poem Laureate also called Parent Poet, Poem Gardener or Group Poem Coach.

SOCIAL MEDIA POEM HINT: Every new group poem has its own set of parameters that the poem originator wants the participating poets to adhere to. Thus pre-posting your poem participation rules in a separate post prior to poem launch day is advised. Pre-posting of the poem creation guidelines allows for comments such as clarifying questions and answer sessions to be asked on the pre-post. This greatly cuts down annoying comment noise during the actual poem creation post.

3.       A Social Media Poem must be created on a Social Media Site! Any social media site is okay to qualify for inclusion and acceptance into the genre of Social Media Poetry.

*Websites and blogs and other cyber real estate that are not Social Media Sites do not qualify because those sites do not have set membership rules the masses must adhere to or limited tech functionality thus the poets could have an unfair advantage. The nature of social media assures every social group practicing group creation of social media poetry starts out with the same access to the same possible cyber tech functions, the same possible poem creation choices and working under the same possible sets of rules based on the social sites they choose.

The idea behind a social media poem is to have public, global group poetic participation, plus the poem is live as it is created via social commenters using only available social media site features. Social Media is what makes the activity more challenging and fun to participate in thus the end result of an actual poem creation becomes something very special.
4.       The commenting permission must be open to the public for a social media poem to be considered a true socially created poem.

Obviously there would be an unfair advantage to having only one’s controlled, censored or limited group membership allowed to create your poem. Poems closed to public participation could not be judged fairly when compared to open comment created poems. The charm of the Social Media Poem Genre is that anything can happen when the public is creating a poem live.

5.       The true Social Media Poem must be created during one long social post! Multiple social posts are not allowed and disqualified. This is a live poem for better or worse!

Yes, at any time for poetic clarity reasons, the Parent Social Poet can republish the poem in its entirety but only in the comment section via using a few comments in a row. This is when the editing out of the noise and non-poetic commenting happens. This gives contributing cyber poets a chance to view the whole piece as it stands so far, minus the commenting interruptions.

*The original poem poster or host Poet Laureate has sole authority over what gets cut or edited out for poetic reasons.

6.       At the end of a social media poem creation session, when the last comments are accepted and no more are being accepted a final poem version can be edited by the Poem Laureate and posted in its completed form on the social media platform as a separate post.

*Keep in mind rule 1, that all social media site rules must be adhered to and bear in mind that most social sites have rules prohibiting against using their social discussions off of their sites!

*Comments must be left open to the public for discussing and critiquing the final social media poem! After all, this is fun as well as helps the Social Media Poem Genre to gain in popularity!

SOCIAL MEDIA POEM HINT: It is wise to pre-set a specific length of time for your poetic group creation project. List a start date and time for your poem and choose a finish date with a time too. Poets need to know when the deadline for adding poetic contributions to the poem is nearing. A pre-set poem ending time allows you to close out a social poem without suddenly shocking your poet participants.

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