Starting a Social Media Poem


Ideally you want to get your social media group in the fun spirit of creating poetry right from the beginning. So it is advised that you announce the formation of the social media poetry event...POETICALLY!

I've included a catchy rhyming poem start that announces the social media poem project wonderfully and enthusiastically. Yes you can use the following poem if you wish for starting your own social media poem project or feel free to create your own poem instructions and project announcement that better suit your particular collaborative poem creation event...

By stating your intentions and goals of your poem building project artistically and poetically you set the tone and expectations high for those who care to participate. Setting the bar high is good because social media poetry is a tough event to pull off successfully as you cyber poets are sure to find out fast. There is no better way to bond a social media group together than with a challenge to create a collaborative social media poem. Have fun E-poets and good luck!

         by Stu Leventhal

Social Media Poetry…
They say it can’t be done.
That sounds like a challenge Poets!
That can and could be FUN! 

Add your line or two or three of verse,
To make this poem a little longer.
For better I hope not worse.
Together, maybe you and me, us and thee and we…
Can end this social media poetic curse!

Why can’t poetry be created globally?
Come join and help your fellow social worldly poets prove!
Just add your stanza and watch this poem grow and improve.

No longer must our greatest poets toil all alone.
If you want it to be then this can be…
your new poetic home!
Home of the First…Social Media Poem!

You do not have to rhyme
Or even keep beat or time.
Just add your wit…that’s it!
You’ve staked your claim to cyber fame
You’re a Social Media Poet!

*You can learn all you need to know about Social Media Grown Poetry and how to host audience participation online poems for fund raisers and other promotional activities here…

** YES SOCIAL MEDIA POETRY IS DIFFICULT! But, what worthwhile things are easy!

Remember the fun is in learning and creating and experiencing and getting to know global people better. Nothing says who we are or what we stand for better than the poetry we create. Do not be alarmed if your first attempts at social media poetry seem to fail or your results read chaotic. There really is no failures in social media collaborative poetry. Attempting is a success!

The objects are to learn about one another and from each other and to grow closer as a group

It usually requires a few attempts to coordinate a group for this type of creative collaboration. Have fun, set parameters and keep trying. your social media fan group just might surprise you.

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